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If you are requesting a price, it is your responsibility to supply us with the following information. With out the information below we can only guess at what you have since carburetor numbers do overlap and are used in more than one application and year. In a case where we do not receive the correct information we can only give you a estimated guess and will not be responsible for that quote. Please remember we are not a store but a custom rebuilding shop where our quality is far above the rest. WE DO NOT SELL OR EXCHANGE CARBURETORS except for new Zenith. You must send your carburetor in for rebuilding.
Type of carburetor------Rochester 2 jet
Number of barrels-------2 barrel
Type of vehicle & Year---1974 chevrolet camaro
Engine size number of cyls.--- 307 cid V8
"Example" Factory
"Example" After market
Type of carburetor---Holley
Model Number---------List 1850
Number of barrels----4
Please call me for any status update on your carburetor as I do get weeks backed up depending on our busy season.
I am not able to check via email since I check email after hours and am not in the shop.