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Do's and Don'ts
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(1) Ask what kind of parts are used. Are they OEM ( original equipment manufacture) or generic after market parts, many rebuilders use generic parts they are cheaper like what is found in carburetor kits Use only OEM parts for long life.
*We use only OEM style parts
(2) How do they clean the carburetor.
Most rebuilders soak the carburetor in carburetor cleaner, then glass bead it, chemically brighten it and or just paint it.
*A quality rebuild should go through at least a 11 cleaning process. We first wash our carburetors using high pressure cleaning jets to remove large deposits of dirt and grime. Then it is chemically soaked using three different process to break down years of baked on tarnish, dirt and carbon deposits. They are then hot tank cooked in two different steps, chemically washed in one step, chemically brightened in one step, acid washed in two steps, shot cleaned in one step then chemically prepped for the final finish in one step. Buy only carburetors that use these types of cleaning processes.
(3)(GOLD, SILVER, GRAY) Carburetor color what does it mean? How do they do it.
This is as important as the cleaning process. A carburetor say for example a rochester 4 barrel should be a bright gold in color.
(GOLD) color is called chromate, it is a process that uses many different chemicals that are very costly and dangerous to use.This is the BEST process in the industry, used in industrial applications that require high rust and corrosion prevention and also used in the process of the manufacture of new carburetors.
(SILVER) Is a coating that appears to have a chrome like look. It is a polihing process used in avibratory tumbler with steel mediato replace the chromating process due to the high expense and dangers of using chromate. This coating is better than the gray but it does not have the corrosion or rust prevention properties of the chromate. This coating will develop a chalk like appearance over time compared to the chromate. It is not a long life coating and not recommened for applications that need high rust and corrosion properties like marine carburetors
(Gray/ silverish) is just a carburetor that is washed, glass beaded and left stripped of it's protection. It is the cheapest and you should avoid carburetors built like this they will not last.
*Look at a picture of a Rochester carburetor it should be gold in color
We only use the quality chromate process on our carburetors