Carburetor USA
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Since 1944
CarburetorUSA provides a 6 month or lifetime with free shipping within the US only.
Warranty is for parts installed and or workmanship only we do not warrant your carburetor body. This warranty is non-transferable to subsequent owners of the vehicle and applies only to the vehicle on which the carburetor is originally installed. The customer must present the original sales receipt before warranty service will be provided. Carburetors requiring warranty work must be returned directly to Carburetor usa who will at there own discursion, may elect to repair or rebuild the unit under warranty. No credits or refunds will be made at any time. Customers are required to obtain advanced authorization to return a carburetor for warranty work. Free shipping is supplied with lifetime warranty on initial sale only. All carburetors are built normal quality of rebuild. We do not make any claims for carburetors to be in correct color, appearance and may vary from original we do not warrant appearance, warranty is for the actual workings of the carburetor. No jet changes or modifications are made unless requested by the customer varing from original sent in specifactions are NOT warranted for correct opperation they are simply a starting point where further changes may be needed.
Warranty Limitations
Carburetor USA does not warrant improper installation or application of the carburetor unless the work is preformed by us at our place of business. Carburetor USA assumes no liability claims of any kind and will not pay for any damages or any ancillary costs arising from the use of YOUR carburetor. Carburetor usa does not warranty emissions requirements of any kind. Warranty does not apply to body defects, defects by misuse,negligence,collision, or other unreasonable abuse. ANY tampering found or changing of ANY part other than normal adjustments will void warranty.Wearable parts such as throttle shaft bushings are not warranted. All work warranty or other must be done by us or warranty will be void. Returned Carburetors found to be contaminated with rust, dirt, old gas,or any other types of contamination will automatically void the warranty and a service charge depending on it's condition and shipping costs will apply. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs if work cannot be completed reasons beyond our control. All vehicles should have fuel filter installed and if need the fuel system completely cleaned to avoid warranty being void if contamination is found. All internet sales are subject to a handling charge for administrative and packing supply costs. Any Carburetor with customer supplied parts is (as is no warranty). Any parts returned for any reason other than being defective or incorrectly ordered on our part will be subject to a 25% restocking fee plus shipping and handling. No return on special order or electrical parts, opened, defaced, marred or marked packages. Parts must be in original packaging not opened or marked with all paper work. All requests authorizations for returns or carburetors requiring warranty work must be sent in writing to us by email with customer name,date, invoice number and reason for return. All carburetors requiring warranty work in most cases will be handled and shipped the same day as received. By shipping to us you agree and abide to all terns, conditions and procedures in this website.
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