Dear Carburetor USA ,

You recently rebuilt a carburetor for me. It was off of an 88 chevrolet caprice. I installed it onto my car. I replaced all of the old vac hoses, installed another inline filter, and had the gas tank cleaned. After I set the ignition timing and idle speed, the car pulled a rock steady 22 of vacuum. I took it out for a spin, no bogs / hesitations, and all around ran MUCH better than before. The fast idle works great and I do not have to hold the gas pedal to keep it idling on very cold mornings. The carb looks so good that it makes the rest of my engine look like shit. I am amazed that someone can rebuild and make these Q-jets run so good. I have been told by numerous people that q-jets have never worked right for them. The car runs like it was brand new. I definitely will send work your way in the future. Thanks so much for rebuilding my carb the right way.
Scott ******
Associate Scientist
Chemistry Pharmaceuticals

Just finished flushing my fuel system and putting on my carb. ( holley 2 bbl) The carb works great.
And I just wanted to say thanks, I will tell anyone with carb problems about Carb USA.
Once again thanks for the great job.
Rod ********
Rods Collision Kansas City, Missouri

I reinstalled my carb after I got it back from you last week. The car ( truck?) which is a 1979 El Camino has not run this well since I bought it 26 years ago. What an amazing difference. You did a very thourogh and beautiful job. Thank you very much!

Rick **********
Orange, Ca
Since 1944
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