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Carter Carburetors            R&R service only 6 month
lifetime &
1 barrel BB      Most models $169.00 $269.00
1 barrel BBS,RBS,W-1,WA-1, WE,WO      Most models $169.00 $269.00
1 barrel YF,YFA non Computer $169.00
1 barrel YF,YFA Computer $179.00 $279.00
2 barrel BBD non Computer     Most models $179.00 $279.00
2 barrel BBD Computer     Most models $179.00 $279.00
2 barrel WCD,WGD      Most models  $189.00  $289.00
4 barrel WCFB      Most models $240.00 $340.00
4 barrel AFB, AVS      Most models $229.00  $329.00
4 barrel TQ (Thermoquad) non Electric vent      Most models  $239.00  $339.00
4 barrel TQ (Thermoquad) Electric vent   $239.00  $339.00
All Others Contact us    
If you cannot find what you are looking for Contact Us. We handle all types makes and models new and old. All pricing is for standard rebuilds only. Carburetor's with frozen,worn or damaged shafts, damaged bodies or missing parts additional charges will apply.