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Your Credit Card company require us to obtain three types of identification when we are processing your credit card.
(1) Your credit card number
(2) Your billing zip code and expiration date
(3) Three digit security number located on the back of your card.

When we process your credit card it is very important that we receive the correct information. If we do not the credit card company charges us 1.99% on the total amount of the invoice as a (non qualified charge) that means that the information you gave us is incorrect. In that case the 1.99% we must pay will be added to your invoice with a separate credit card receipt. So please check your credit card for the correct information when submitting it to us.
Carburetorusa will keep your credit card information on file during your warranty period. All acquired charges during his period will be charged by credit card or if not available COD.
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The Card Identification Number (Card ID) is required for the Visa, Mastercard
The Card ID is an added security feature to help protect you against online fraud.
The Card Identification Number is the group of numbers immediately following your credit card number on the back of the card. These Card ID numbers are used by your credit card company to help prevent fraud. Because the Card ID number is not printed on your receipts, it helps ensure that someone is not using your credit card information fraudulently.
For Visa and Mastercard there are 3 digits on the back of the card in the area shown by the graphic above.