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Normal Rebuild
A normal rebuild is a carburetor that does not need any
extra machine work such as worn or frozen shafts or parts.Stripped bolts or fuel inlet nut, missing or damaged parts, excessive rust, corrosion, body repairs missing or bad choke pull off or choke thermostats. A carburetor that is extremely rare or a carburetor that requires custom made parts or special order parts will also take longer for us to complete. If you have a carburetor like this we would then contact you either by phone or email with the additional information and price if any if you request.

Please remember if you have a carburetor that is in poor shape with lots of corrosion and rust you will see pitting or a color blemish on the those parts where the corrosion has eaten in to the body such as carburetors bought from junkyards, swap meets or sitting around out in the opened for years or on old vehicles that where the carburetor has not been properly cared for Marine carburetors are highly accessible to these problems due to being in a water environment. On Carburetors with aluminun Choke shafts or plates or any metal you may see a slight discoloration color due to the chemical reaction of extensive corrosion removal or on the chromate you may see a slight difference in shade. We try our best to give you the best quality for the best price.We may not be able to return you a carburetor That looks 100% new, like the day it was bought but never the less we will always return the best work we can.The pictures on this website represent the work I do, I am always fare in my pricing I care about my customers and will always do our best to accommodate you in every way possible.We do not replace or rebuild Air cleaner studs or any external solenoids or brackets . All carburetors are engraved (usually on choke plate) with our name and date of rebuilding and then coated with clear or a color for marine carburetors. All rebuilding parts used on our carburetors are either new, rebuilt.